My smelly, TOXIC and dirty house.

As the chemical elimination started with my beauty and skin products, I then decided to go further into the house hold and cleaning products I was using. Everything from those smelly wall plug-ins, scented candles, air fresheners, wax warmers, detergents and cleaning products. Guess what….almost all these toxic things can be replaced with vinegar, baking […]

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The fugly side of healing!

Losing all hope in modern day medicine I set out to heal myself by natural and frugal means…thank you worldwide web!!! With so much information on the subject its not hard to find answers, however making it affordable is a struggle. I spent as much time researching as I could, I was bound and determined […]

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You should start a blog.

I was always told I should be a public speaker, blogger or author. In my past career of being a hairdresser and salon owner I felt to be successful I must not only do great work but also be entertaining. I often wondered if my clients came to me based on my skills or my […]

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Why I Home-school…

I had always struggled in school as a child, not because I wasn’t smart…well the jury is still out on that but because it seemed so strange to me. I couldn’t stand having to sit through what I thought to be a waste of time and then reprimanded for the smallest of things. I just […]

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With all I went through and being too sick to work a conventional job or careers I had spent years doing I had to get really creative on ways to make extra money. I had utility shut off notices and most times an empty fridge and gas tank. There were also a few thing I […]

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American Dream???

Most of us are raised to believe true happiness and success comes from hard work and following the rules of Society. That was at least the way I was raised, get good grades, go to college, get married, buy a house and then have kids. Well I did all that only to realize I was […]

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